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Partnering with MLG Law Firm is a Win-Win Relationship

Our winning track record in Lemon Law Cases for both trial and pre-trial settlements makes us an ideal partner for your referral cases. We have received thousands of lemon case referrals and paid millions in referral fees.

Our team regularly works with attorneys from different practice areas with cases that they refer to our law firm, associate our experts into, or ask us to co-counsel. For instance, we are often contacted by personal injury lawyers working on car accident cases stemming from defective vehicles, vehicles that meet the definition of a lemon under the “lemon law”. Our award-winning lemon law firm has what it takes to handle your client’s cases. Our team is not afraid to take on any auto manufacturer or dealership to protect the rights of consumers affected by lemon vehicles.

Why Choose Us?

We are a top choice for lawyers in different areas because of the following:

  • We have a record of successfully handling thousands of lemon law case referrals.
  • We have a record of paying millions in referral fees.
  • We cover all legal costs and other expenses.
  • We have the expertise necessary to effectively handle even the toughest case.
  • We prioritize keeping the referring firm updated every step of the way and pay all referral fees promptly without any unnecessary delays.

Contact Us and Allow Us to Help Get Your Client Justice

Our team consists of the leading lemon law lawyers that have the ability to team up with any law firm within other practice areas to fight for the rights of clients and secure the best result available. When another law firm reaches out and trusts us to handle their cases, we have a responsibility to provide the best legal representation available to ensure that the client ultimately obtains the best case result possible.

For more specific information, including information on our fees, contact us today.

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