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At My Lemon Law Lawyer Group, we understand the financial difficulties and discomfort you can experience when experiencing problems with a new or used purchased or leased vehicle. In these cases, our experienced Lemon Law attorneys will always do everything in their power to ensure that you and your family receive the compensation you deserve.

Our team at My Lemon Law Lawyer Group understands just how frustrating, expensive, and dangerous dealing with a lemon can be. Our California lemon law lawyers will stand up to large corporations on your behalf, ensuring you fully understand your rights every step of the way. You and your family deserve a safe and reliable vehicle. Get your free case evaluation today.

If you have purchased or leased a car in California and end up in the repair shop for repeated problems, the California lemon laws may help you get your money back. Over 150,000 vehicles sold ever year in California are lemons. If you feel that your vehicle is a lemon, we got you covered!

California Lemon Law

The federal lemon law was passed by Congress in 1975 and applies to all goods, including cars, which come with a written warranty and cost more than $25 dollars. Is your car in the shop once again? Is that strange noise getting louder? If things like these keep reoccurring, you might have a lemon. Contact us right away. You can trust our attorneys to help you achieve a successful outcome.

In California, lemon law protects consumers who have purchased new or used vehicles with substantial defects or a multitude of problems causing the vehicle to be in the shop an unreasonable amount of time. A lemon is a vehicle that isn’t drivable or has many problems. In California and most other US states, consumer protection laws provide remedies for those of us who have bought products or vehicles that did not deliver. In California, these are the California Lemon laws.

How to Determine if Your Car is a Lemon

Three general qualifications are:

  • The owner must have attempted to get the vehicle repaired multiple times or the car must be in the shop an unreasonable amount of days
  • The car must have a substantial impairment in use, value, or safety
  • The problems with the car must have been covered by a warranty

The manufacturer must make a reasonable number of attempts to repair the problem. Here is some guidance on what a “reasonable” number of attempts could be:

  • The manufacturer or dealer made a minimum of four unsuccessful attempts at repairing the same issue;
  • The problem could cause serious injury or death, and the manufacturer unsuccessfully attempted repairs at least twice
  • The vehicle spent at least 30 days in the shop for any problems covered in the warranty, and those days do not have to be consecutive

The Lemon Laws presumption says that if the vehicle falls into any of the above categories and the issue happened within the warranty’s time limitations, then the car is presumed to be a lemon. Some common examples would include faulty brakes, ABS brake failures, transmission failures and “hard-shift” or “no-shift” situations, engine dying complaints, major electrical difficulties with the vehicle, on-board computer malfunctions, repeated no-start situations, and others. Any defect which substantially impairs use, value or safety of the vehicle can be the subject of a lemon law lawsuit.

If it still isn’t clear whether or not you have a lemon, My Lemon Law Lawyer Group is ready to assist you. We have extensive experience and a long history of success in lemon law cases and we have helped thousands of individuals receive compensation. When you contact our firm, you can rest assured your case will be given the attention that it deserves.

Free Second Opinions

Some attorneys are lazy and will file you with their firm, but will disappear once your name is listed as they are busy filing more cases. In these cases, their business is more based on quantities and they will try to register in as many cases as possible. For the same reason, they will spend less time on cases that result in very reduced resolutions. Our firm will not treat you like just another number. We will maintain communication with you throughout your claim and treat you like family. So, if you already have an attorney, don’t worry, we’ll give you a second review of your case 100% free. Call us today to speak with an experienced Lemon Law attorney and ease your worries right away.

Consulting Expert Lawyers – My Lemon Law Lawyer Group

It is important to understand the legal requirements associated with lemon law claims as they relate to boats and watercrafts specifically. That is why My Lemon Law Lawyer Group is here to help you understand your rights and guide you through the process. Understanding these laws as they apply to boats and watercraft can help you to determine whether you have a valid claim and what you can expect moving forward. After consulting with our office, you will have a better understanding of the merits of your case and of what is involved in the California Lemon Law process.

Zero Fee Guarantee – No Up-front Fees

If you contact our law offices today, we can guide you through the complicated process of filing your claim completely free of charge. As a sign of this commitment to you and your case, we offer our clients the benefits of a zero-fee guarantee policy. Under this policy, no client pays for our services until their case is won. If you need a second opinion, case reviews and second opinions are also free under this policy. Please feel free to give us a call and we can guide you down the path to receiving proper compensation for your damages. A qualified attorney with experience in Lemon Law cases will be able to take your call. Receive compensation for your lemon car as soon as possible! We will provide you with quick, concise information and work hard and intelligently to get you the best result possible!

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