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Lemon Law Trucks/Big Rigs


We know how dangerous and tiring it can be to own a defective truck. If you purchased or leased a new or used truck with defects, lemon law allows you to get a refund or replacement vehicle from the manufacturer when your truck turns into more of a burden than a joy to have. You should not have to deal with constant days or weeks in the shop, or having to pay hundreds and thousands of dollars in repairs for mechanical or electrical issues. As problems mount without solutions, it is easy to become frustrated, stressed out, and upset. It’s also easy to lose hope in your vehicle altogether.

The good news is that there are state and federal laws that protect consumers against defective automobiles and defective auto part. Call My Lemon Law Lawyer Group today to get a free consultation. Let us take care of you and your case!

Absolutely any type of truck could be a lemon, from the biggest and most expensive pickup to the most basic used vehicle. In order to qualify, the truck must be under the manufacturer’s warranty, and the defect must be significant enough to impair the use, value, or safety of the truck. Furthermore, you must give the dealership an opportunity to attempt to repair the issue. If the problem has not been repaired after a reasonable number of attempts, you can exercise your rights under this law.

At My Lemon Law Lawyer Group, we understand the financial difficulties and discomfort you can experience when experiencing problems with a a new or used purchased or leased vehicle of any type. In these cases, our experienced Lemon Law attorneys will always do everything in their power to ensure that you and your family receive the compensation you deserve. The Song-Beverly Act, also known as the California Lemon Law is there to to protect consumers who have unknowingly purchased a car, motorcycle, or truck that does not function properly. Contact us right away. You can trust our attorneys to help you achieve a successful outcome.

Remember it really doesn’t matter what kind of truck you own as long as it has a warranty, is registered in California, and has a poor repair history.

Is My Truck a Lemon?

There are usually two primary conditions for your truck to qualify as a lemon, these are:

  • The dealer or manufacturer must have had a chance to repair the defect.
  • Your truck must have a “substantial defect.” This usually means a defect that affects your ability to use the vehicle (for performance or safety reasons) or something that reduces the vehicle’s value.

It is also important to note that some people have been wrongly informed that trucks owned by businesses are not covered under California lemon law, but this is not true in all cases. While lemon law is not meant to protect large businesses from defective vehicles, it is meant to include protection for small business owners.

If you are a business owner who owns or leases a truck for business purposes, and you believe that truck is a lemon, you may be able to act legally as long as:

  • Your business owns or leases five or fewer vehicles.
  • The business vehicle in question weighs less than 10,000 pounds. Most pickup trucks and SUVs don’t weigh nearly 10,000 pounds. This exception exists to disqualify large commercial box trucks and 18-wheelers.

Lemon Law Experienced Lawyers

Contact My Lemon Law Lawyer Group today and get the personalized treatment you deserve. Our trusted attorneys are available to answer all of your questions and concerns. It Is important to work with an experienced and professional lemon law lawyer can alleviate the stress and time involved in filing, while also giving you the best chance of maximum recovery. Call us now and schedule a free consultation to speak with a qualified attorney who is experienced in Lemon Law. We are committed to giving our clients as much time as necessary to maximize the value of the case. We are not interested in handling the largest number of cases; We care that our clients receive all the compensation they deserve.

Free Second Opinions

Our firm will not treat you like just another number. We will maintain communication with you throughout your claim and treat you like family. So, if you already have an attorney, don’t worry, we’ll give you a second review of your case 100% free. Call us today to speak with an experienced Lemon Law attorney and ease your worries right away. We’ll help you understand California Lemon Law as it applies to motorcycles.


Our law firm offers peace of mind to all of our clients. With our zero fee guarantee we want our customers to feel comfortable. You shouldn’t have to worry about paying fees up front. We would like the opportunity to evaluate your claim and discuss your legal options. My Lemon Law Lawyer Group strictly contingency based which means you are not expected to pay us until our experienced Lemon Law Lawyers attorneys win your case. You will only pay once you receive all the compensation you deserve. Contact My Lemon Law Lawyer Group today.

Zero Fee Guarantee

If you contact our law offices today, we can guide you through the complicated process of filing your claim completely free of charge. As a sign of this commitment to you and your case, we offer our clients the benefits of a zero fee guarantee policy. Under this policy, no client pays for our services until their case is won. If you need a second opinion, case reviews and second opinions are also free under this policy. Please feel free to give us a call and we can guide you down the path to receiving proper compensation for your damages. Find out once and for all if your truck is a lemon and if the vehicle’s manufacturer owes you a refund or a replacement. A qualified attorney with experience in Lemon Law cases will be able to take your call.

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