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Synonymous with old money of the British upper-class, Bentley is a high-end, luxury maker of hand-built
vehicles. This storied manufacturer hailing from Crewe, England is also known for its participation (and
success) in motorsports, including the world famous 24 Hours of Le Mans. Although Bentley markets
itself as a manufacturer of bespoke, high-end craftsmanship, customers have complained about a
variety of problems, including suspension, brakes, electrical, and powertrain.

Most recently, Bentley was named as a Defendant in the landmark lemon law case Doppes v. Bentley (174 Cal.App.4th 967), which involved a noxious odor emanating from the HVAC system. If you have experienced these problems, or any other concerns with your Bentley, call us today for a free consultation.