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What Is a Vehicle Replacement?

what is a vehicle replacement lawyer attorney lawsuit return defect

Under a vehicle replacement, you will receive a vehicle that is of similar make and model to the one that is a lemon. However, the replacement will most likely be a vehicle in the current year model. Your current loan amount (or the term of your lease) will remain the same and for the same duration as the original loan or lease. Your sole expense will be payment for the time you enjoyed your vehicle prior to it being a lemon and additional taxes (if applicable).

We understand that it can be difficult to try to figure out how much you will be getting back as reimbursement for a vehicle replacement claim. For this reason, you can rest assured that when you call us at My Lemon Law Lawyer today at (833)681-5252, you can get the advantage you need to succeed in your legal claim.

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Our legal team is ready to stand behind you, when it comes to getting top value for your vehicle replacement case. We can initiate a lawsuit on the merits of your claim, if you need a vehicle replacement. Our attorneys are multilingual, and are able to converse with you in several different languages, including: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Tagalog, Armenian, Farsi, Arabic, Hebrew, Russian, French, German, and Korean. Because we speak many languages, we also understand your needs, concerns and specific customs related to your culture. Calling our legal office is very easy to do, you just pick up your cell phone and dial us at My Lemon Law Lawyer today at (833)681-5252.

For this reason, you can feel comfortable calling us today at My Lemon Law Lawyer today at (833)681-5252 regarding your vehicle replacement claim. Our legal team understands the California lemon laws, and can get you the full package of recovery compensation that you deserve in this case. You can just call us now at My Lemon Law Lawyer today at (833)681-5252.

What Is a Vehicle Replacement lawyer attorney lawsuit defect return lemon


Car dealerships may act as if they have a choice to repair your lemon car or not – but they really don’t have a choice. According to the lemon laws, when there is a defect on a new car, the car dealership and the auto manufacturer have to work together to repair your vehicle. The auto manufacturer will have the proper parts to repair the defect, and can send these parts to the authorized car dealerships who sell their vehicles. Similarly, the car dealership needs to take those parts to fix any defects on your vehicle, in order to make it safe for riding on the roads and highways. No one buys a new car expecting it to be a death trap, and that is why you need to call us at the My Lemon Law Lawyer today at (833)681-5252 to get the claim started properly on your end.

Common Defects for Lemon Cars and Trucks That Can Be Found on Any Make and Model Vehicle

There are many common defects that can be found on a new car or truck. This list can apply to any new car regardless of the make and model. The defects include:

  • Trunk release latches (interior and exterior)
  • Tire irregularities
  • Defective defogger and indicator light
  • Headrests defective
  • Memory seat controls don’t work
  • Backup camera inoperable
  • Dashboard lights go on and off malfunctioning during driving
  • Cabin air filter defective
  • Cracks and stars in windshield glass during driver areas of vision
  • Windows malfunction to operate up and down
  • Power locks stuck in on or off position
  • Heavy odor in the vehicle can make people with allergies sick

When a defective lemon car or truck has a safety feature that is at risk from a defect, that defect can cause serious problems for the driver and occupants of a vehicle. For instance, if a defective rod is found in the structure of the engine component and housing of the vehicle, then the engine can fall out or crack because of the defect on the structural feature of the car.

Any time there are defects on a vehicle, it should be reviewed to determine if the structure of the car is still sound, and if any safety features are involved in the defect. If a safety feature is compromised by a defect, then you are putting yourself, your loved ones and other drivers on the roads at risk, from driving a defective vehicle.

What Is a Vehicle Replacement lawyer attorney lawsuit defect lemon return

Recent Victories for Owners of Lemon Vehicles

The reason for the car fires is that the engines have a defective component related to the piston, crankshaft and connecting rods. In the engine of a defective vehicle, the rods can come loose and push through the engine block to spew a leak, which leads to an engine fire. Kia and Hyundai tried to fix the problem earlier by installing a knock sensor detection system update, that could alert the driver that the connection rod bearing was failing. But this additional safety component sensor may not have prevented the issue, because the cars can catch on fire even when the vehicles are turned off and in the parked position.

Zero Fee Guarantee

We offer a zero-fee guarantee for every client, when you call us at My Lemon Law Lawyer today at (833)681-5252 for a free case review. The California lemon laws can be difficult to understand at times, and our legal team will review your claim with you to go over any concerns that you have for your recovery compensation package.

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We can discuss your vehicle replacement on account of a lemon car claim, when you call us at My Lemon Law Lawyer today at (833)681-5252. We are here for you, and can discuss initiating a lawsuit for a vehicle replacement. Your call to us today is going to be free for you, we never ask you for any money up front before we start to work with you. Our legal team has lawyers with a high-level of experience in vehicle replacement of lemon cars. You can call us and review your case with a free case evaluation on your vehicle replacement claim.

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