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If I Qualify Under the Lemon Law, What Am I Entitled To?

You are entitled to receive a replacement or a refund, which consists of your down payment, monthly payments, registration, taxes, and incidental expenses such as rental car or tow expenses. The manufacturer is entitled to deduct a usage fee, called a mileage offset, for the value of the miles placed on the vehicle up to the first time it was taken in for repair work for the problem or defect that resulted in it being a lemon. You are also entitled to have your attorney’s fees and costs paid separately by the manufacturer.


We can talk to you today regarding your lemon car claim. We can predict that we will be able to settle out your lemon case as soon as we get all of the pertinent information related to your claim, and can discuss the matter with you as well. We want you to bring us all of your losses, damages and expenses related to your lemon law case. Our lawyers are ready to go to bat for you with the big car manufacturing companies, who are responsible for the manufacturer’s defects affecting your vehicle.

Common Defects for Vehicles Determined to Be Lemon Cars

People who have bought new cars and find out that they have defects own lemon cars. It is usually a shock that you own a lemon vehicle, because that is seldom what you thought you were getting when you went to the car dealership to buy a new car.

If you have a lemon car, you can be experiencing many different defects, including:

  • Free play on steering wheel
  • Bent body framing
  • Cracks on welding on structure of body
  • Rusting paint
  • Chipped paint
  • No pedal reserve on brakes
  • Hoses defective
  • Leaking fluid from engine
  • Power unit fluid leaking
  • Brake rotors too thin on vehicle
  • Broken suspension
  • Wrinkles and bulges on door frames
  • Depressions and dents on door frame

In the case that your new car is a lemon car, you will be entitled to recover for the damages, losses and expenses that you incurred while owning the lemon vehicle.

California Buyback Vehicle Formula for Lemon Cars Bought Back by the Auto Manufacturer

In California, if you do get the auto manufacturer to buy back your lemon car from you, there are going to be some subtractions of fees from the total recovery compensation package. The formula that is used will subtract out the expenses that you have to pay for on the lemon vehicle. These expenses are based on a comprehensive formula related to how long you had the car, how many miles you drove on the vehicle and how many payments you made on the car note. There are other considerations too, such as dealer fees that you paid, and if there are any other taxes that have to be subtracted from the final recovery compensation package to you. The general formula is to take the miles driven on your lemon car before its first attempted repair, divide that number by 120,000 (the average lifespan of a car), and multiply this number by the cash price of your lemon vehicle. The number you come up with using this formula will help you to know exactly what you will be getting back from a manufacturer’s buyout of your vehicle.

The formula works this way: If you have a lemon car that costs $60,000 with a $6,000 down payment at a monthly car note of $600, and you drove 6,000 miles on it before finding out it was a lemon; then your estimated usage fee is around $3000, and your estimated refund will be around $6600 for a buyback of your vehicle.

Reviewing the above example in a different way, assuming everything stays the same, except that you drove the car only 1,000 miles, then your estimated usage fee is only $500 and your estimated refund jumps up to $9100. You can now see the importance of calling us immediately after you know that your car is a lemon car. That way you can get the full extent of your refund, and not have to pay excessive fees that will be deducted from your total recovery compensation package for your vehicle.

Recent Victories

A class action lawsuit against Mitsubishi and Chrysler was settled for $33 million. This lawsuit was to reimburse consumers for wheel rims that were defective on the auto manufacturer’s vehicles. Apparently, Mitsubishi Motors North America Inc. and DaimlerChrysler Corp. knew about the wheel rims issues, which were a safety hazard to consumers who purchased the vehicles from these car makers. It is considered a victory any time that the auto manufacturer’s are forced to take full responsibility for the defective parts that they allow to go out to consumers, on the cars that the car manufacturer’s produce for the public.

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