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Anatomy of a Lemon: Suspension System

A common persistent problem in automobiles

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lemon vehicle with suspension system issue
Suspension problems can appear in vehicles due to normal wear. There are many different aspects of the suspension system in vehicles. These different parts work together to ensure that the suspension system works well, and that the vehicle rides smoothly and handles effectively. These parts include the tires, shock absorbers, springs, dampers, arms, bars, and more. When just one of these parts stops working, the entire suspension system is compromised.

It is important to note that parts of the suspension system can ultimately be defective and could lead to suspension problems. If this is the case, then the vehicle may qualify as a lemon.

Some of the possible defects that can lead to suspension issues include the following:

  • Faulty shock absorbers: this can be identified by a lot of shaking or bouncing during a ride.
  • Damaged ball joints: this can be identified by a strange noise during turns.
  • Misaligned wheels: this can be identified by the car pulling to one side during a ride, and often occurs due to damaged springs or control arms.
  • Defective control arms: this can be identified by clunking/rattling of the wheels or steering that feels too loose.

These issues can cause the vehicle to not feel stable during drives, including turns. In fact, these issues could ultimately result in losing control while driving. Of course, this could lead to accidents that could put drivers, passengers, and even pedestrians at risk of injuries.

Because suspension problems are common and can be caused by wear and tear (even by something as simple as driving over a small pothole), it can be difficult for affected consumers to pursue their lemon law claims. The truth is that a new car that is in perfect condition should not have any issues that could affect the suspension system. Unfortunately, dealerships often disregard complaints brought up by their consumers and actually try to blame the issues on the consumers.

Because of this, it is important that consumers are persistent, ensure that every repair attempt is documented, and, most importantly, seek the help of an experienced lemon law lawyer.

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