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What Is a Warranty?

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A warranty is a promise or agreement to fix any defects in the vehicle that occur during the set time period written in the agreement. In the case of a lemon car, the manufacturer admits that its cars may not be perfect and if it is acting in a way that it should not, the manufacturer promises to fix the defects free of cost to the customer. That can mean that the customer is able to bring the vehicle back to the car dealership to get fixed, once the defect in the lemon car is identified.

Warranties follow the vehicle, and cover whatever the warranty says the specific parts or components of the car are covered in the agreement. The warranty period differs by manufacturer and can be anywhere from one month to three or five years, some can even go up to 10 years. It is important for you to review the terms of the warranty that comes with your vehicle, to understand exactly what is covered under the warranty and what is considered normal “wear and tear” which is often outside of the warranty coverage agreement.

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Why Do Auto Manufacturers Give Customers a Hard Time When It Comes to Honoring a Warranty?

Auto manufacturers are not just in the business of selling cars. They are also in the business of servicing the cars that they sell, and providing excellent customer service for the cars that need repairs from their fleet of cars sold to the public. If a car is sold to the public in open markets, there is a definite expectation that the car will be completely safe, without defects, and fit for the purpose for which it was made.

Once a car has a defect, it will affect many cars because of poor workmanship of the auto manufacturer making that vehicle. This lack for quality control will also affect the consumer confidence for that auto manufacturer as well. If the car manufacturer does repair the defect and make the car as good as new again, that is a good point for the car manufacturer to follow through with their promise to make good cars for the consumer public.

Common Defects for a Lemon Vehicle That May Affect the Overall Safety of Driving That Car, Truck or SUV

  • Broken heater components
  • Broken air conditioner components
  • Steering wheel pulls to one side or the other
  • Windshield wipers non-operative
  • Odometer broken and not accurate
  • Battery loses charge too quickly
  • Engine oil leaking on new car
  • Transmission knocking and pinging on new car
  • Rattling noises from new car engine
  • Non-functioning cruise control on car

If you have had any of these defects noted on your vehicle, then you might be identifying a lemon car. Your car may not be safe to drive, until the lemon defects are fixed by the auto manufacturer or by the car dealership repair shop. If you are having trouble getting your lemon car in for the needed and necessary repairs, you can call us at the My Lemon Law Lawyer office at (833)205-1900.

what is a warranty attorney lawsuit lawyer defect liability

Recent Victories for Owners of Toyota Lemon Cars with Defective Parts and Components

In 2022, a Florida federal court allowed a class action against Toyota Motor Corporation, for people looking for damages against auto manufacturers that violated lemon laws in that state. In this class action, the consumers who bought Toyota new cars had a defective heating and air conditioning system in their 2012-2014 Toyota Camry vehicles.

Unfortunately for the drivers of these Toyota vehicles, the defect in the AC system created a highly noxious and stinky odor in the cars. This smell may cause difficulties in breathing for at-risk customers who have trouble breathing, or the smell might have been from mold or bacteria that formed in the defective AC system of the vehicles. Consumers have a chance to join a class action, which will work to provide them some relief from this problem and defect in their Toyota vehicles.

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