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Does The Lemon Law Apply to My Leased Vehicle?

Does The Lemon Law Apply to My Leased Vehicle lawyer attorney defect

Does The Lemon Law Apply to My Leased Vehicle?

Yes, a leased vehicle is covered by California’s lemon laws just the same as a purchased vehicle, as long as it was leased with a warranty. This is the reason that you want to buy your vehicle from a reputable seller, and not buying a car from someone on the side of the road. If you are leasing a vehicle, you are more than likely going through a reputable leasing company, and will need to read over the terms of the lease carefully to understand your leasing contract. Your used car is also eligible for coverage under the California lemon laws, if the vehicle is a certified pre-owned car that is still under the original manufacturer’s warranty.

The best idea is to give us a call to discuss your leased vehicle lemon car claim. The California lemon laws can be difficult to understand at times. That is why we are here to help you, and can go over your claim with you as soon as you give our legal office a call at My Lemon Law Lawyer at 833-205-1900.

Does The Lemon Law Apply to My Leased Vehicle lawyer attorney

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Our legal team at My Lemon Law Lawyer at 833-205-1900 is ready to talk to you now, about your leased lemon car claim. We will review your case with you, to ensure that you get the full recovery compensation package for your losses and damages. Your review is free and we will discuss your case in confidence with you today. just call us now at My Lemon Law Lawyer at 833-205-1900 for a free consultation on your leased vehicle lemon car claim.


We are currently experiencing a shift in low quality cars, that come straight from the auto manufacturer assembly floors. Anyone can guess, that many thousands of lemon vehicles are made each year. That means that there will be many cars that are delivered from the auto manufacturers that are defective, right off the auto transporters. On the car dealer’s end, some of these cars are delivered and are not even able to go off to the car dealership auto repair shop without being serviced before sale to the public.

Any time that your car has a defect, you need to call our legal team. We know that you did not manufacture the vehicle yourself, and that the defect is not your fault. Even if the defective component of your vehicle is not your fault, you will have to “pay” on this defect, by lost time from work and loss of expenses. Many times, you will need to take time out of your life to get your vehicle repaired. If this is the case for you and you have bought a lemon car, you need to call our law office immediately. We can work with you, and help you to get the recovery compensation that you deserve in this case, of a lemon car claim.

Common Defects on Lemon Cars Can Include Poor Paint Jobs on the Vehicles Straight from the Factory

Your lemon car can suffer poor painting from the manufacturer. This will create paint issues that can cause rusting out of the paint on the vehicle. Paint issues on a lemon car can include:

  • Orange peel and puckering paint
  • Dirt and contamination on the paint
  • Scratches on the paint
  • Irregular colors on the paint job
  • >Paint that bleeds into other areas of the paint on the car

If your leased lemon car has paint that is peeling or bubbling off of your vehicle, you may have a defective paint job on that car. This poor painting on the car can make the vehicle more susceptible to rusting earlier than usual, which may affect some of the safety components on the car or truck. If this has happened to you, call us immediately at My Lemon Law Lawyer at 833-205-1900 to discuss your lemon car case with our legal team.

Does The Lemon Law Apply to My Leased Vehicle attorney sue

Recent Victories

The Titan and Frontier pickup trucks made by Nissan have a major manufacturer’s defect. This defect affects the trucks parking gears, because the gear does not properly engage, allowing the parked trucks to come out of gear and roll away from the parking space. There are also Infiniti vehicles from 2020-2023 model years that are also affected with this parking gear defect.

Additionally, there is a recall that affects 200,000 Titan and Frontier trucks, as well as some Infiniti vehicles. The auto manufacturers need to continue to be diligent to ensure that they have quality control at the plant and manufacturing level. This will hopefully prevent trucks from rolling off the assembly line in a condition that they can pop out of gear and cause accidents or run over pedestrians, while the trucks are unoccupied and in a parked position or condition.

Zero Fee Guarantee

We offer a zero-fee guarantee, and you can get this guarantee whenever you give us a call regarding your leased lemon vehicle case. There are definite rules that apply to leased vehicles under the lemon law regulations. Our focus in getting you the full recovery package that you deserve in your lemon car case related to a leased vehicle, is to give you every advantage to win your claim. Call us today at My Lemon Law Lawyer at 833-205-1900.

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You can call us today to discuss your lemon car case, as it relates to a leased vehicle. A call to us at the My Lemon Law Lawyer at 833-205-1900 will get you sorted out fast. We will give you a free case evaluation, and the next steps to initiating a lawsuit on the merits of your claim. Given that the California Lemon Laws can be complicated in relation to leased vehicles, and the rules regarding the amount of miles you can have on the vehicle to get a full reimbursement – we are happy to review your claim with a free case evaluation.