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Do I Still Have a Lemon Law Claim If My Vehicle Is Out of Warranty?

A lemon vehicle is a car or truck that has manufacturer’s defect on the vehicle, right as it left the auto manufacturer’s plant or assembly line. This can also mean that the same vehicle has had a defect on it hidden from sight or use, even while the car or truck is sitting at the car dealership showroom or in the dealership lot.

If your vehicle has a manufacturer’s defect, how can it be your fault? You did not mass produce the car or truck, you did not own the assembly line where the car or truck was made, and you are not responsible for how your brand-new supposed to be perfect car was made. Then it is the sole responsibility of the auto manufacturer to have a quality control system in place, to ensure that all cars sold to consumers are free from manufacturer’s defects.

These defects are going to apply to a car to make it a lemon vehicle. It will not matter if the car is out of warranty, if the vehicle is a lemon car because of the manufacturer’s defects latent on the vehicle. In the case that you are sold a defective automobile, then you will need to take it back to the car dealership where you bought it to have it repaired. If foe some reason you are unable to go back to where you bought the car, you can go to the same make car dealership in another region, to get the car repaired for the manufacturer’s defects on the car.

You Can Go to a Different Toyota Car Dealership to Ask for Repairs to Your Toyota Lemon Car

All dealerships within a network of a make and model will have an agreement with the auto dealership, to repair their cars under their model and make contracts. For example, if you buy a Toyota at a car dealership in X City, you can go to Y, Z or A City to a Toyota dealership to have your car repaired for a manufacturer’s defect. The only issue to getting your car repaired if it is a lemon car with a manufacturer’s defect, is that the available slot for repair at one car dealership repair shop may be busier in one place then at another place. Therefore, if X City Toyota shop is busy, you can possibly go to Z or A City Toyota car dealership to get your lemon vehicle repaired.

It is important that your car is out of warranty, but it may not have been your fault that your car was not repaired in time out of that manufacturer’s warranty. For example, if you have a record that you were trying to get your car repaired for the manufacturer’s defects on the vehicle, but the car dealership shop could not get you in, that may not have been your fault. In those cases, the courts will look to extenuating circumstances, to help you to get the recovery compensation you deserve when you have a lemon vehicle that is out of warranty at this time.

You Are Entitled to Get Your Lemon Car Repaired, Even If the Car Dealership Repair Shop Keeps Being Busy

The lemon laws are clear that they expect you to try to get your car repaired, before you go to any next steps. But if you are trying to get your car in for repairs and the car dealership shop cannot take you because they are insanely busy, that might not be your fault.

If the first repair attempt for the problem or defect occurred during the warranty period, then the vehicle may still qualify for a refund or replacement, if other requirements are met. Call us for a further explanation of these warranties, and what you can do to recover compensation on your claim for damages and losses, when you have an out of warranty lemon vehicle.

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Our legal team is here to help you, if you are suffering because the car dealerships are ignoring your pleas for help with your lemon car out of warranty. New car owners never expect that their new car is going to have a manufacturer’s defect. Therefore, the car dealerships need to cooperate with you to get the car repaired.

Since that can take weeks to months to accomplish, oftentimes your car may run out of warranty during the time you are trying to “do the right thing.” If this is the case for you, just give us a call anyway at My Lemon Law Lawyer at 833-205-1900. You may still have a viable chance at getting the recovery compensation that you deserve for your lemon vehicle out of warranty.

Manufacturers of Lemon Cars May Lose Their Case Even If Your Car Is Out of Warranty

You can call us at My Lemon Law Lawyer at 833-205-1900 when you have a lemon car out of warranty. We will address and focus on the issues pertinent to your lemon car claim. We know that the car dealerships will sometimes ignore your complaints, or stonewall your concerns. We will work around these issues, to get you the recovery compensation that you deserve in this type of lemon car claim. You do not have to go it alone; we are on your side to help you get a full recovery package for your lemon car claim.

Common Defects for Lemon Vehicles Out of Warranty

If your car or truck is out of warranty, it can be plagued by many different defects. These defects can include issues with major and minor components of the vehicle, including:

  • Alternator
  • Battery
  • Brakes
  • Catalytic converter
  • Engine
  • Belts
  • Exhaust system
  • Infotainment software
  • Cylinder
  • Pistons
  • Fuel injector
  • Fuel pump

If you find that you have been sold a lemon car with any of these or other major component defects, you will want to call us today at My Lemon Law Lawyer at 833-205-1900. We are able to help you, and advise you on your next steps to managing and initiating a lawsuit on the merits of your claim for a lemon vehicle.

Recent Victories for Consumers with Sudden Acceleration Defective Lemon Cars

There has been a $1.6 billion class action lawsuit settlement in California, from customers who bought Toyota vehicles with lowered value for cars on account of a sudden acceleration defect. Many people were injured and had serious car accidents, when their cars just ran away out from under them and accelerated on their own.

The settlement package will be given to consumers who bought the affected Toyota cars and trucks, and will be from $125 to around $10,000, depending on consumer losses and damages submitted for car and truck value and depreciation noted. The sudden acceleration issues forced Toyota to initiate a recall of over 11 million cars and trucks, which will now need safety upgrades in over 3 million vehicles.

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You do not have to think that your lemon car claim is a lost cause, because we are here to help you when you have a lemon car out of warranty. It is not your fault that your car has lemon characteristics, and may not be safe to drive until it is fixed or replaced. You can call us now at My Lemon Law Lawyer at 833-205-1900 to get a zero-fee guarantee. That means that you never have to pay us any money down in advance of us working to win your lemon car claim. Just call us today at My Lemon Law Lawyer at 833-205-1900 right now.

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If you have a lemon car claim and your vehicle is out of the manufacturer’s warranty, you may still be able to initiate a lawsuit based on your lemon car claim. You can call us at My Lemon Law Lawyer at 833-205-1900, to talk about your case with a lawyer with experience in winning lemon car claim. Just give us a call today for free at My Lemon Law Lawyer at 833-205-1900.