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Month: March 2023

What Is A Recall?

What Is a Recall? Recalls are an important part of the business world to get unsafe or defective items out of the marketplace and to stop their potentially dangerous use or consumption by consumers. For instance, a vehicle manufacturer can issue a recall for a defective part in the air conditioning system that keeps it from working properly. Customers bring in the car to an authorized repair center, such as the one in a dealership, where they will offer a repair for free, if they have a fix for the recall issue. Safety Recall However, when it comes to recalls relating to safety, government...

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Ford Has Become Infamous for the “Ford Shake”

Ford Has Become Infamous for the “Ford Shake” The “Ford Shake” refers to a problem that some Ford truck owners have reported, where the vehicle experiences a significant and persistent shaking or vibration, typically while driving at highway speeds. The problem can affect the steering wheel, seat, and entire body of the truck, and can be felt most acutely at around 65-75 mph. Once the Ford truck starts shaking, it can make the truck more likely to become uncontrollable on the roads. This action can lead to a serious accident with other vehicles, where there is a high likelihood...

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Think your car is a Lemon?

Think Your Car Is a Lemon? Think your car is a lemon? It can be a confusing and scary situation! We are experts at the California Lemon Laws at My Lemon Law Lawyer, and here’s some of our tips to get your case started with us.  Don’t Pay Out of Pocket for Lemon Car Repairs Do not attempt to repair the vehicle yourself. We understand the frustration of a defective car. However, self-repair may not solve your car’s problems and may affect your case. We recommend taking your car to a dealership service center for repairs and saving the documentation (repair orders and receipts) of your visit....

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Ford Defects for 2017-2023 F-150 and F-250

Ford Defects for 2017-2023 F-150 and F-250 here are many defects found on Ford-F150 and Ford-250 truck vehicles. These defects can affect the safe drivability of the vehicle, and can include: Ford Shake / Ford Death Wobble: Caused by the premature wear or failure of the track bar joint, control arms, shocks, and/or steering dampener.  Transmission Defect: Resulting from the faulty transmission components can cause erratic harsh shifting, jerking, hesitation and lunging.  Engine Defect: Faulty engine components can cause rough idle, shaking, misfiring, engine shut off, hesitation upon acceleration,...

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