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Month: February 2023

Military Exception for California Lemon Law

Military Exception for California Lemon Law Generally, California Lemon Law only applies to vehicles “sold in California.” However, there is an exception for active members of the military. California is home to more than 175,000 active-duty members of the military, many of whom are residents from other states. Like many Californians, active-duty members stationed in this state often require a vehicle for personal use, and either purchase vehicles in California or bring vehicles purchased in other states to California. In recognition of the sacrifices made by members of the military in having...

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Top 5 Scariest Car Defects of All Time

Top 5 Scariest Car Defects of All Time Perfection is something we strive for, but seldom achieve. The same is true for automobile manufacturers. Manufacturers will knowingly put out vehicles with defective parts just to meet deadlines. Below are what I believe to be the top five scariest defects. 1. Ford Pinto In the 1970s, Ford was sued for defects in the Pinto’s fuel system, which could cause the car to catch fire in a rear-end collision. The case ultimately resulted in a recall of millions of vehicles and a large settlement for affected consumers. 2. Toyota: Unintended Acceleration In...

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