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Is Quill and Arrow not Returning Your Calls? – Contact Us for a Free Second Opinion of Your Lemon Law Case


Did you car turn out to be a lemon? If you purchased or leased a new or certified used car that ended up being defective, then your car is a lemon. You might have looked into the legal options available to you and contacted a law firm that promised to fight for your rights and get you the best outcome possible.

There are many law firms around that promise to get their clients the best recovery possible, but the truth is that these law firms often cannot keep their promise. One of these law firms is Quill and Arrow.

You might have started asking yourself these questions:

  • Why isn’t Quill and Arrow returning my phone calls or emails?
  • Why isn’t the law firm responding even after I’ve left many messages?
  • Why isn’t there any communication coming from Quill and Arrow about my case?
  • Can I switch lawyers if I still need help with my lemon law case?

Did you hire Quill and Arrow to handle your lemon law claim? Are you unhappy with the way that things are going with your claim? Are you unsure about the way that your claim is proceeding? Do you believe that your lawyer at Quill and Arrow is negatively affecting your claim? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it is important that you consider switching lawyers.

Contact the experts here at My Lemon Law Lawyer today to learn more about how our expert team can help you with your lemon law case – even if you have already started it with Quill and Arrow.


Quill and Arrow is Not Returning My Calls

You might find yourself asking why your lawyer or anyone else at the law firm is returning your calls. This is a difficult question to address, as there could be many reasons that your law firm is not responding to your calls. Below, we will go over some of the most common reasons that a legal team stops responding to their clients:

  • The law firm is handling too many cases at the same time
  • The law firm does not have enough staff to handle all their cases effectively
  • The law firm is prioritizing higher value cases over your case
  • The law firm is incompetent

These are just a few of the reasons that your lawyer might not be returning your calls or emails. Ultimately, there is no way that we can tell you the exact reason that Quill and Arrow is returning your calls. Still, the fact is that there is no reason

Your Legal Team has the Duty to Communicate with You

There is no doubt that the legal process can take time. It can take many months or even years to resolve these cases. Still, your lawyer has the duty to communicate with their clients. In other words, the legal team handling your claim must maintain reasonable communication. This means that they must answer your calls, call back if they missed your call, respond to texts, and respond to emails, for instance. In most cases, clients simply want to be updated on how the legal process is going. However, when they are unable to communicate with their team, they start losing confidence in their lawyer and the rest of the team.


What Can I Do If Quill and Arrow is not Returning My Calls?

If the law firm is not communicating with you at all, there are a number of things that you can do. Some of the options available to you include the following:

  • Send a letter or an email expressing your concerns about the ineffective communication. When you cannot get a hold of your lawyer on the phone or through text message, sending a formal email or letter can definitely prove to be helpful. Remember to always be professional and polite; of course, you should also be factual. Here, you can make a note of the different times that you have attempted communication. In many cases, this formal letter/e-mail is enough for the legal team to realize that there is an issue that needs to be addressed.
  • File a complaint with the law firm’s complaint department. Most law firms have a complaint department that allows them to handle client complaints internally. They might reassign the case to another lawyer with their firm. Even if they do not reassign the case, this complaint could be enough for the lawyer to take things more seriously and increase communication.
  • Switch lawyers. As a client, you have the right to switch lawyers at any time and for practically any reason. If you are unhappy with communication with Quill and Arrow regarding your lemon law claim, you should consider switching lawyers. However, this is a serious decision to make, so it is important that you make sure that switching lawyers is the best decision for your claim.

Is Switching Lawyers the Best Option for My Case?

Communication might be the most obvious issue, but it is likely that there are many other issues with the way things are going. Some red flags to look out for that might point to your lawyer not being the best at their job include the following:

  • Your team requesting that you complete or send in documents that you already took care of
  • Your lawyer/team not submitting important documents promptly or on time
  • Your lawyer requesting court extensions without a valid reason (besides them failing to get everything ready on time)
  • Your lawyer intentionally delaying the legal process
  • Your lawyer entirely missing the filing deadline
  • Your lawyer being inactive on your case, resulting in a court notification of the risk of your case being dismissed

Our Team Offers Free Second Opinions

Whether a lack of communication is your only issue or one of many issues that you have with Quill and Arrow, it is important that you consider a second opinion. Here at our law firm, we offer free second opinions to anyone who has doubts about their current representation. Our team has decades of experience handling lemon law claims and are ready to redirect your claim and ensure that it is successful. We are not all talk – we have the results to prove that we can handle your claim effectively and get you a fair recovery for your lemon law claim.

If you decide to switch lawyers and allow us to handle your claim, our team will take care of it all – we will inform Quill and Arrow about your decision to switch lemon law lawyers, inform the court, request your file, etc. We are committed to making the switch as easy as possible.


Should I Have a New Lemon Law Lawyer before Firing Quill and Arrow?

You do not need to already have a new lawyer before firing Quill and Arrow; yet, it is recommended that you have your new representation set up before firing your lawyer. In some cases, firing a lawyer happens in the heat of the moment, so there is no chance to even spick to another legal team. When this happens, clients are left relatively vulnerable. More specifically, the fired lawyers can intimidate their former clients and even request upfront payment for any outstanding balances. They could also demand payment for their case files, for example. Without a doubt, it could be simple for a former lawyer to take advantage of the situation – especially if the client is unaware of his or her rights.

First and foremost, it is important that you understand that your former lawyer can never demand payment for your case file, as you have the right to your case file and can request it at any time. The only thing that you can be charged for is shipping or postage, and that is if you cannot go in person to pick up your file. What about demanding payment of outstanding balances? This will depend on the terms of your legal contract. In most cases, however, you do not have to pay anything until your case settles – even if its with another legal team.

If you are ready to switch lawyers and allow our lemon law team to handle your claim, contact us today.

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Here at our law firm, out team is ready to go above it all to fight for your rights as a consumer and handle your lemon law claim effectively. Whether your Honda, Toyota, Ford, Nissan, etc. turned out to be a lemon, our legal team can help you. We have experience handling lemon law claims against all major auto manufacturers. We offer free legal services, including free consultations and free second opinions – you can speak with our expert lemon law team without having to worry about paying expensive fees. Our Zero-Fee guarantee ensures that our clients will never be required to pay upfront legal costs. Because of our strict contingency structure, our clients will not be required to pay anything unless they win their claims. Do not let the team at Quill and Arrow ruin your lemon law claim. Switch lawyers before it is too late. Contact us at your earliest convenience.